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Director of Hawk Detective Services Doug Marshall is an experienced accredited Senior Investigating Officer with 35 years of policing experience. He has carried out peer reviews of cases nationally. He sat on the National Executive Board for Family Liaison.

Doug was in charge of some of the most complex and high-profile cases in Cumbria over the last ten years. He has dealt with murder, serious sexual offences, serious assaults and crime series of all types. He has been in charge of investigations lasting years and bringing them to successful conclusions.

He is vastly experienced in the safeguarding arena having worked in public protection at a senior level for a number of years. He has been commended on a number of occasions. He has brought his honest and ethical approach from policing into the private sector to work with individuals and his boardroom experience has assisted in dealing with corporate clients on a professional level understanding the need for confidentiality and the highest professional standards.

Well versed in giving value for money in the public sector he has brought a transparent approach to his work in private investigation working with clients to a terms of reference and keeping them informed of costs at all times.


Investigator A (Surveillance)

A highly experienced and skilled ex-Police Detective Inspector.

Key skills:

Interview Advisor

Crime Scene Manager

Surveillance Instructor

Senior Investigating Officer

Risk Assessment

Health and Safety at Work

Manager of undercover operations

Witness Protection

Investigator B 

A highly experienced ex-Police Detective Sergeant.

Key skills:

Major Enquiry Officer

Scenes of Crime Manager

Evidence recovery expert

Scene photographer

Public Protection Specialist

Housebreaking Investigator

HOLMES experience

Armed supervisor



Investigator C

A highly experienced ex-forces and ex-police Detective Sergeant.

Key skills:

Ex-Royal Marines Commando

Trained to work in extreme terrain

Advanced Driver

Mobile and static surveillance specialist

Rural surveillance instructor

Intelligence officer

Observation Team instructor

Organised crime and counter-terrorism experience

Expert evidence handler

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Claims investigations – employee sickness, accident investigation, employment-related injury, compensation, discrimination cases

Company investigations – carrying out investigations into companies they intend to work with, checking out new customers, due diligence, internal fraud investigations, business sabotage

Company research – including gathering intelligence on competitors and carrying out risk assessments

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Process serving locally, nationally and internationally

People tracing

Criminal Case reviews

Debtor tracing for clients

Pre-action investigation before raising a claim

Witness Statement taking Interviews

Road traffic Collision investigations

Accident investigations for example in the workplace

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Tracing missing people which could be family, friends or former colleagues

Surveillance in marital disputes

Maintenance disputes and tracing assets

Background checks for example going into a new relationship, meeting someone online

Neighbourhood checks before buying a house in that area Neighbour disputes


Then telephone us on +44 (0) 131 291 0507 or fill in the enquiry form. We will have a no obligation conversation and advise you accordingly.

The benefits of using Hawk Detective Services Limited:

  • A Company you can value
  • Seasoned and experienced professionals
  • Hawk only employ experts they know and trust
  • Expert knowledge of working with victims of all types of crime
  • Discreet, sympathetic and realistic approach to what can be achieved
  • Expert knowledge of evidential requirements
  • Leaders with a proven track record
  • Providing value for money

We at Hawk Detective Services are fully committed to utilizing my experience of dealing with complex major incidents. I have been involved extensively with victims and I am used to having open and honest conversations. I am fully committed to this excellent opportunity to continue that work. I am very experienced in safeguarding and family liaison and I will be putting that to good use to work sensitively with our clients. I have reviewed cases both locally and whilst having the privilege of working in a national role and am adept at identifying lines of inquiry that could or should be followed up.

Doug Marshall

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