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and Real Time

At Hawk Detective Services we have the capability to carry out checks in a wide variety of situations:

  • Employee absenteeism – is an employee off work sick but you have information to suggest this isn’t the case?
  • Do you suspect forced marriage is taking place?
  • Are you estranged from your partner and worried your child/children aren’t being looked after properly?
  • Do you require checks on a perspective tenant for one of your properties?
  • Do you require background checks on someone you intend to employ?
  • Do you think an insurance claim is being exaggerated?
  • Is someone cohabiting who claims to live alone?
  • Are you worried about a Dating Site scam?
  • Is somebody hiding assets to avoid responsibilities?

This list is not exhaustive so please discuss your requirements in a free and confidential discussion. You will receive a professional evidenced report to meet your specification.

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