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Testing and
Business Sabotage

Do you require premises security checking:

  • Unauthorised persons entering your buildings
  • Employees being tail-gated
  • Security risks
  • Data risks

At Hawk Detective Services we use our team to check the security of your premises. Can we enter unauthorised? Are we challenged? Are their weaknesses in your security? We are aware of the impact on business of lax security arrangements which in the worst cases can lead to the loss of property and data. This can be devastating for business continuity and reputation.

At the end of our commissioned work we provide a professional comprehensive report to assist you with a suggested list of actions and recommendations.

In respect of business sabotage:

  • Are profits down on what they should be?
  • Have you received an increase in complaints?
  • Are the demands on you as the business owner or manager such that you can’t be around very often on the “shop floor” to see what is going on?
  • Are employees giving you adverse reports on other members of staff?
  • Do you just have a gut feeling that when you aren’t there business isn’t being conducted professionally?

In it’s crudest form it could be called mystery shopping but if you have any of the above concerns Hawk Detective Services will deploy to your business and complete a detailed report about the findings in terms of staff conduct, premises, product availability and any other criteria you deem important. This will be delivered in the form of a professional and well-evidenced report which will either allay any fears or support any improvements going forward.

We are very much focused on tailoring our services to client requirements so please get in touch for a confidential, no obligation discussion.

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