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Safeguarding children and vulnerable adults within the scope of activities carried out by your organisation is paramount. Considerations may be:

  • Identifying unacceptable conduct
  • Successful gathering of evidence against offenders
  • Protecting staff who may be caught up in allegations
  • The reputation of your company
  • Financial loss brought about by civil claims

At Hawk Detective Services we have a wide range of experience of dealing with safeguarding, child protection issues and vulnerable adult issues. We act as Consultants to prevent or minimise the risk of incidents occurring and as investigators to deal ethically and professionally with any reported incident.

We also carry out background checks (see separate page) of individuals you are considering bringing into your organisation.

We recommend and arrange appropriate Safeguarding Training for staff and ensure you are in the best place to minimise the risk of adverse incidents.

For a free and confidential no obligation conversation about any safeguarding concern please call us.

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