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& vehicle

Surveillance is a specialist subject and comes in many forms:

  • Static
  • Mobile (vehicle)
  • Foot
  • Rural
  • Technical (mobile electronic tracking device)

The staff employed by Hawk Detective Services have been trained in the Military and the Police Service. Whatever type of surveillance is being undertaken it is never simple or easy. In addition all deployments will be conducted lawfully and within existing guidelines.

Surveillance can be used for a number of purposes, concerns about your partner, insurance fraud, internal business malpractice and many more. Whatever the reason for the request, the surveillance will be handled by a dedicated manager.

As with all our investigations, you control the process and will be kept fully updated and consulted for any decision making.

Initial consultations are free so please either fill in an enquiry form or telephone us on +44 (0) 131 291 0507 to start the process.

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