We are very excited to say the least at the launch of our new venture Hawk Detective Services. As well as our extensive experience of dealing with all types of criminal cases we bring a strong ethical dimension to investigations. It is important in this type of work not to just accept any case that comes along we will be honest and upfront with our customers on what is possible and an awareness of cost is important so there are no hidden surprises later maintaining contact throughout each stage of a case. We are both used to working within a budget and providing value-for-money.

As well as the one off cases, we hope to build relationships with companies who will want to use our services time after time having the confidence we can produce a professional product. Although using field agents known and vouched for by us – Jeff or I will be in charge and involved every step of the way setting strategies, maintaining safety and prioritising client confidentiality – much the same type of responsibility and decision making we have both been used to as Senior Investigating Officers.

We look forward to building relationships and meeting our new clients.