One question that potential clients have to weigh up is

Is it worth hiring a private investigator?

As the director of a private investigation agency, I am sure you expect me to just say yes however that’s not always the case.

You have to weigh up all of your options and what outcome you are looking for and you might want to ask yourself:

  • Is it achievable?
  • What is the likelihood of success?
  • How will the outcome of the investigation help you moving forwards?

What do I need to look for when hiring a private detective?

Sometimes, a private detective may say that they can guarantee a successful result – if someone is missing, they may tell you that they will find them, be wary of claims like these; in 35 years as an investigator I know there are so many variables in any investigation and, whilst we can guarantee to leave no stone unturned to try and find someone, or complete an investigation there is often no guarantee. This is particularly apparent in long-term investigations where there are so many variables which could take you and your private investigator in different directions.

An initial consultation is vital.

Having a conversation with a private investigator helps you set out your expectations, why you think you need to hire a private investigator, and how likely it is that you will get results.   Sometimes people realise that an investigation is limited or may cost more than they are prepared to invest…. Not just financially, but on an emotional level too.

When might you want to hire a private detective?

Some examples of whether an investigation is worth it:

  • Someone suspects their partner is cheating on them and they are due to get married and combine finances. Finding out whether your suspicions are true could save a lot of money in the long term, not to mention the emotional issues allowing such a situation to go unchecked.
  • An insurance company may be asked to make a large pay-out to a person they suspect is exaggerating a claim – an investment in surveillance could prevent such a payment from being made.
  • A business owner who suspects an employee on sick leave isn’t in fact sick at all and is actually off to attend a concert or sporting event – If it was true, they could potentially dismiss that employee and prevent long-term lasting issues.
  • A business owner may suffer an unexpected fall in profits and not understand why. They can’t be at the business premises 24 hours a day but some basic surveillance and reports may prove the business is being sabotaged – dealing with this situation and getting things back on track would benefit the long-term profitability of your business.

There are so many examples where an individual or company investigation could mean an investment now would return excellent future benefits.

Some of the costs you can expect include:

  • How many private investigators are working on your case
  • Whether any specialist equipment is required
  • Predicted expenses such as public transport costs
  • How long the investigation lasts

Hopefully, you will have some useful pointers from this article if you want to find out more about how hiring a private detective and how private investigation agencies operate in the UK, call us on 0131 291 0507