How much does it cost to hire a Private Detective?

Unlike many fixed services in the investigation industry it really does depend.

The reason for this is that before taking on any case, we at Hawk Detective Services provide a free, no obligation consultation.

During that consultation we listen and we try to get to the root of the problem. We use our expertise and experience to make suggestions. In some cases that might be to signpost you somewhere else, in many cases it will be to advise you on the most cost-effective solution to your problem.

What is the standard hourly rate?

The current, standard, hourly rate for office-based research is £75.00 per hour (no VAT at this time). There is a minimum requirement of two hours of work. This minimum allows us to invest time to get into a case and see what can be done.

Day rates are in the region of £500. We will agree on expenses with the client if relevant.

What about things like surveillance?

A typical day’s surveillance will range from between £800-£1,000 of course that depends on how many operatives are required. To complete a surveillance, we use professionals vetted by us. We also on most occasions need to use vehicles and/or on some occasions public transport. We also need to visit areas where possible and do advanced planning to get the best results. If a surveillance is likely to take us to different parts of the UK and the client wants to keep it running, we would agree to any additional expenses in advance.

What about serving process?

A standard service of process in Central Scotland is £200.00. This includes a report or statement of service whatever is the approved method of the person requesting. For service further afield we will gage whether to use partners we have in those areas or to carry out the service ourselves in which case we would quote separately.

What about forensic services, digital media services or other specialist services?

We have relationships with a wide variety of providers who we either know or who we can negotiate favourable rates with for our clients. Everything to do with the investigation including liaison, reports, best way to transfer evidence, collection etc. will be handled by us. It will all be included in the price we quote.

Do we just work in Scotland?

Whilst our day-to-day work is in those areas, we work anywhere in the UK on contracted work and have also completed work internationally. A transparent charging process and expenses agreement would be written up in advance of any work being carried out.

Why do you ask for the full amount or deposit to be paid up-front?

This is standard industry protection as we can spend many hours on a case and unfortunately in some cases clients don’t pay. However, you can be reassured about our money-back guarantee, should any work not take place beyond your or our control. Likewise, if you pay for a number of hours of work that aren’t needed/used we will of course refund the difference.