Hawk Detective Services are keen to work on a business-to-business basis and very eager to become the investigative company of choice when the need for an in-house investigation arises. We operate predominantly in Scotland but have carried out work internationally and in other parts of the UK. For the rest of this article, we will refer to this as a company investigation.

Why would you undertake a company investigation?

A lot of businesses carry out company investigations on an ad hoc basis.  These investigations can be for a variety of different reasons ranging from corporate sabotage, employee disputes, repeated and unexplained sick leave, or breach of confidentiality.

Being able to carry out private investigations in-house can be a difficult task to manage so at Hawk Detective Services we would like to work closely with for example universities, charities, football clubs and law firms.

What should you expect from your private investigator?

Every case starts with a free consultation. This not only helps us to understand what you need, and if we are fully capable of helping you, but also allows you to review whether a company investigation is the right course of action for you. This will always be a conversation at director level and we will always let you know if you should take a different course of action. In some cases, your first and best course of action should be to get the police involved and not work with us at all. In some cases, based on our experience we have advised against spending money if we think it is futile and the desired goal won’t be achieved. We will never sacrifice honesty to make money.

How do we proceed with private investigations?

When it comes to choosing a company to carry out your private investigation on your behalf, you need to know that we are a good fit.  This is the one area where honesty, integrity and trustworthiness are key, and you need to be able to trust us to carry out your investigation.   From a practical standpoint, you can expect us to provide you with:

  • Terms of reference so we are clear on what you want.
  • A simple easy to understand contract of works.
  • Clear communication channels to review progress and react to any changing circumstances.
  • A real eagerness to complete a case professionally and on time.

What should you expect from your private investigator?

When you work with Hawk Detective Services, you can expect professional court-ready statements of evidence, exhibits properly documented, conversations recorded, evidence gathered legally and an all-round service you will be happy with.

What type of company investigations can we undertake for you?

We have the skills to complete:

  • Full investigations from scratch you inform us what the problem is and we complete a full investigation.
  • Review – we carry out a review of a case and comment on the papers, statements, and exhibits, etc. fully appraising the merits of a case and providing a case hypothesis.
  • Live operation – we conduct an operational phase on your behalf which may include for example surveillance.
  • Preventative work – carrying out background and live-time checks on people you want to employ or work with.
Why choose Hawk Detective Services

Hawk Detective Services is led by Doug Marshall. Doug brings with him 35 years of Policing experience as a career detective carrying out complex and high-profile investigations and has worked nationally and at board level. Doug works incredibly hard to make sure that anybody who works for him has the same values and standards of Hawk Detective Services.

Working with victims of crime, Hawk Detective Services understand when people need safeguarding and support and have worked extensively with suspects, know what to expect, how to investigate defences put forward and highlighting discrepancies between suspect accounts and the evidence. How to manage an investigation overall is especially important and to this end we are adept at recording policy decisions accurately and transparently. If such decisions are later questioned in a courtroom written records of decision-making processes are vital for the integrity of the investigations and to sometimes explain why decisions were taken many months or sometimes years later when memories have faded.  Confidentiality and integrity are key to our work practices and essential in a sector where unscrupulous individuals are said to operate. We are experienced at operating legally and won’t compromise that under any circumstances.  We also liaise closely with our point of contact to ensure we are delivering what is expected within the timescales agreed.

All that we ask in return is a commitment to answer queries in a reasonable time so we can do our work.

So, for an honest, ethical and comprehensive investigation service covering the full range of investigative requirements across the UK and Internationally led by experienced professionals look no further than Hawk Detective Services.

Get in touch today to find out how your company investigation can be helped by a professional private investigator.