Other Investigators

Investigator D

A highly experienced and skilled ex-Police Detective Sergeant.

Key skills:

  • Surveillance Trainer
  • Human Trafficking trainer
  • Cameras and video equipment specialist
  • Surveillance covert radio and equipment specialist
  • Investigated internationally
  • Producing Operational Orders 
  • Experienced in giving evidence in criminal proceedings 
  • Experienced in online investigations
  • Searching to counter terrorist standard
  • Previously authorised firearms officer

Investigator E

A highly experienced ex-Police Detective Sergeant.

Key skills:

  • Surveillance qualified
  • Motorcyclist
  • Covert Rural Surveillance Instructor
  • Covert Method of Entry Team Trained
  • Civilian Trained master locksmith
  • Trained in counter-corruption

Investigator F

A highly experienced investigator with a background in Roads Policing.

Key skills:

  • Advanced Driver
  • Family Liaison Officer
  • Experience in dealing with fatal road traffic collisions
  • Briefer for tactical advice

Investigator G

A highly experienced ex-Police Detective Sergeant: 

Key skills:

  • Investigative Interview Trainer
  • National Drugs Trained
  • Advanced Driver
  • Surveillance Trained
  • Covert rural surveillance trained
  • National Observation trained 
  • Financial Investigation trained 
  • Kidnap and Extortion trained
  • Surveillance Photography Trainer 
  • Counter-Terrorism

Investigator H

A highly experienced ex-Police Detective Inspector.

Key skills:

  • Joint Interview – Child and Young Person
  • Surveillance Trained
  • Child Protection
  • Cognitive Interviewing
  • Major Incident Room Standard Admin Procedure (MIRSAP) – Office Manager
  • Advanced Investigative Interviewer
  • Interview Advisor
  • House to House Inquiry Coordinator
  • Productions (Exhibit)
  • Family Liaison Officer
  • Former Witness Protection Officer
  • Counter-Terrorism Scene Manager 
  • Crime Scene Manager
  • Senior Investigating Officer

Investigator I

A highly experienced ex-Police Detective Chief Inspector.

Key skills:

  • Surveillance Trained
  • Senior Investigator Officer Accredited
  • In charge of investigations into Murder, Serious Sexual Offences, Crimes Series
  • Search Trained 
  • HOLMES trained
  • Covert Investigation trained 
  • Internal Investigations

Investigator J

A very experienced Genealogist.

Key skills:

  • Over 30 years’ experience
  • Family Trees
  • Expert in births, deaths and marriages

Investigator K

A highly experienced ex-Police and Police Staff Detective:

Key skills:

  • Research expert
  • Analyst expert
  • Tracer
  • Social Media searching and interpretation
  • HOLMES trained 
  • Mapping
  • Systems searcher